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Personal Injuries/car Accident

At Castel Law we do our best in representing our clients when they get injured. We are expert in Car Accident and personal Injury matters. 


We represent you in your Employment Discrimination matters when it is based on Race, National Origin, Gender and Religious Beliefs.

Real Estate Law

When buying or selling your home or business, Castel Law will guide you through. We are Realtor we help you sell, buy a home. We are also closing attorneys.

Wrongful Death 

If your love ones got injured or died in an accident or due to someone else’s negligence that causing their death, come see us. We will represent you.

Immigration Law

When it comes to immigration law, Castel Law is the right choice for you. We help hundreds of clients released them detention, adjust their status and be Naturalized.

Family Law

If you are looking for a divorce and family law attorney, look for an experienced Attorney to represent you. Castel Law is on your side.

Castel Law

Your best interest matters!

At Castel Law, we provide quality legal representation to our clients through several areas of practice. Our attorneys are well-versed in a variety of legal practice areas including but not limited to; Personal Injury/Car Accident, Criminal Law, Family Law, Employment Discrimination, and Property Law. Additionally we specialize in all types of immigration cases such as naturalization, family petitions, asylum, removal proceedings, and deportation matters. Castel Law zealously represents the best interests of our clients.

All people are equal before the law. A good attorney is what makes a difference.

If you are searching for great legal representation, hire a great Law Firm to represent you. We are well informed and ready to resolve your individual or corporate legal concerns. We are best at what we do. Come visit us today.

Our Vision

Castel Law’s vision is to provide quality legal services to clients with dependability and reliability pertinent to all endeavors of both individuals and businesses. We, at Castel Law, strive to be a preeminent law firm by consistently delivering highly skilled, ethical, and aggressive legal representation to our clients. Our Law Firm always proceeds by responding promptly to clients’ needs. We managing our clients’ matters in an efficient, caring and proactive manner. We communicating regularly and clearly with our clients and always looking to achieve the best end result. We can assure that we will continue to deliver the highest quality legal services to our clients for a reasonable fee.

At Castel Law, we take our commitment to our clients very seriously. We set the highest standards for ourselves because we know what is at stake for our clients. We work with you to actively manage your matters at a predetermined, mutually agreed-upon intervals and we’ll discuss our process so you know exactly where you stand if there is any unexpected twist and turns along the way.

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Michael Fitzpatrick, Esq.

         Attorney Fitzpatrick is admitted to practice...
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Ari F. Castel, Esq.

      Attorney Ari Castel is admitted to practice...
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Tanya Hall, Esq.

       Attorney Tanya Hall is admitted to practice...
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