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Immigration Law

We are becoming a household name in the area of immigration law, having helped scores of families reunite.

Family & Probate Law

Family practice and Probate Process, as is estate planning are some of our strengths.

Personal Injury Law

Claims made against employers, general liability claims, subrogation actions and workers compensation.

Landlord & Tenancy Law

Castel and Hall, LLP. has worked over the years to protect tenant and landlord clients’ rights.

Bankruptcy Law

We continue to help a myriad of clients to reorganize their finances and stay in control.

Criminal Defence Practice

Castel & Hall, LLP. brings exceptional zeal in protecting your rights through and through.

Intellectual Property Law

Have an invention or a proprietary creation that you wish to protect? Let Castel & Hall , LLP. help.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether acquiring interest in an existing business, or merging with another, you may want to talk to us.

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Years of Experience

Bespoke legal solutions made possible for every client/ matter.

At Castel & Hall, LLP. experience has taught us that no two clients or matters are the same and that notwithstanding similarities in any given situation, it is never a one – size – fits – all solution. We take each case and client as a one of kind, and craft unique and practical solutions to the issues pertaining the case or client, thus rising above our peers.

Castel Law Group is the best law office in the US.

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Our Clients, About Us

Our Reputation Precedes Us.

Thank you Ari Castel! I was having some issues with one of my clients, and then I called Ari, and he solved them all. A really great experience overall! I totally love it! Absolutely fantastic!

Russ Ott ,

Web Developer

I am very happy and satisfied with their work. Thank you, Tanya.

Karina Pimenta ,


Great lawyers, they do a wonderful job.

Vanessa Nixon ,

Business Owner

How It Works

From Start to Finish, We Put You First.

The first meeting helps our attorneys pinpoint the main issues of your case and get to know you as the potential client.
The first consultation is free up to 30mins, and you can request it online. Please click this link to schedule an appointment.

After submitting the client intake form, we start working on your matter. This formality helps us and our clients set the terms, the goals, and the main objectives of our cooperation.

Our team will then go ahead to file the requisite documentation or paperwork, depending on the nature of the matter that has to be handled – whether court process or administrative.

Undertaking a background check and discovery is the essential process of working on a client’s matter. The team will need to investigate the case and circumstances prior to filling. This process might be quite lengthy to make it effective.

We will be attending court sessions or administrative sessions to advance your cause and fight for your best interests right through to the final resolution for the matter. This includes, although is not limited to handling any further correspondence regarding the matter.

Free Consultation

    * Submission of this form does NOT guarantee acceptance of your clientele by Castel & Hall, LLP. UNLESS affirmatively communicated to that effect.

    Castel & Hall, LLP Client Intake Form

    Thank you for your interest in Castel & Hall, LLP. We are delighted to be a leading legal service provider of choice for many a client that need cutting edge legal solutions. Accordingly, we are delighted to have you partner with us to deliver exceptional and original solutions to your legal needs. Please take a moment to fill this form out, as it is creates a formal contract between you, and our firm, which would enable us to execute all instructions pertaining to your matter.
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    Here, we get to ask about your case, or matter, for which you wish us to act. This may be the matter that you recently discussed with a member of our team, or one that you haven't talked to us yet.
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    • Bankruptcy
    • Immigration Law
    • Landlord and Tenant Law
    • Property Law
    • Family & Probate Practice
    • Criminal Defense Practice
    • Personal Injury
    • Intellectual Property Law
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    • Ari Castel, Esq.
    • Tanya Hall, Esq.
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    • Benjamin Brownsword
    • Danny Richard, Esq.
    • Patrick Muwanguzi Esq.
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    Castel & Hall, LLP. is please to have the opportunity to provide legal advice and representation to you. As discussed, this memorandum is intended to reiterate the terms of our representation to you. It covers matters, that while routine, are rather important to you and our firm and may contain other aspects not earlier communicated to you.
    Flat Fee Assessed
    Amount of flat fee paid in advance is hereby indicated below and is hereby not refundable should the client decide to change their mimd. Once we get started on your case and the attorney enters appearance, any fees due must be paid immediately. By executing this form, you agree to make recurring payments on time as and when they fall current. In case of failure to make a payment, the balance of the full obligation shall become due to fulfill the satisfaction of your obligations, under our undertaking. Castel & Hall, LLP. does NOT provide refunds of any kind, absent extenuating factors. All flat fee retainers are final. Any fees paid become nonrefundable, unless as prescribed under the retainer agreement.
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    Contingent Fee

    Contingent fees are set at 33.33% plus expenses, costs and fees (when settled); or 40% plus expenses, costs and fees (at trial). Castel & Hall, LLP. Castel & Hall, LLP. will likely incur costs that are unascertained at the present time, to cover costs and expenses. This amount may vary greatly, depending on the stages of litigation and amount of work involved. At all stages however, are you entitled to an account.


    You have the right to terminate our representation at any time with the payment for services rendered to you by the time of such termination. Castel & Hall, LLP. reserves the same right, to withdraw from representation and terminate the attorney-client relationship at any time either for the non payment or if counsel believe there is potential conflict of interest to prevent violation of professional responsibilities.


    Hiring a lawyer is an important decision. The outcome of each legal case depends on many factors including, but not limited to the facts of the case, and no attorney can guarantee a positive result in any particular case.

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    I, the undersigned, hereby append my name below, as a way to affirm and attest my agreement to having Castel Hall, LLP to represent me in the foregoing matter, and any such other, as I may instruct them and their agents.
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