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You lost your home during a hurricane but wasn’t covered with flood insurance, how do you manage?

When we acquire a new property, the last thing on our mind is getting flood insurance protection, not because we are not concerned about a potential flood but because most of us think that the likelihood of it happening to us is very small or nonexistent. Therefore, a lot of people never bother getting their home covered against flood with flood insurance protection.

However, floods are the most common natural disaster around the world and cause millions of dollars in damages every year. Therefore, a lot of people find themselves homeless and helpless after every flood.

Thankfully, federal help may be available for people who find themselves in this situation, depending on their specific area and circumstances, but it can only be applied for a primary residence, not for a second home or vacation home. To find out more on what is available to them, they can check online to see if their area has been declared for receiving individual assistance. There are also grants available for those who qualify.

Not sure what your legal rights are or feeling like you are wrongfully being denied benefits it is always a good option to seek legal counsel.

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