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 As a full-service legal outfit, Castel & Hall, LLP. boasts of an all round effective legal solutions to our clients’ matters in an agile yet bespoke manner that reduces complexity and enables effective results. This enables our clients to focus on their future knowing that their present is secure. Our main lines of representation are highlighted below, although these are in no way of the full capabilities of our team.

Castel & Hall - An Overview About Us

At Castel & Hall, LLP, we pride in our team of talented professionals that perhaps is the pinnacle of our strengths. Drawn from a myriad of backgrounds, our team is fluent in numerous languages and dialects, including although not limited to Kreol, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swahili, Gujarati, Luganda, to mention but a few. 

Our team of practitioners pool from a wide range of experience, drawn from around the globe, including licensures from India, Africa, Brazil, and the U.S. Castel and Hall, LLP continues to build on these capabilities by growing our family of talented minds. Should you be interested in joining a team of intricately deldicated professionals that love the lay but above all care for each other, you sure have found a home at Castel & Hall, LLP.

Clients About Us

We Are Going the Distance to Deliver

Thank you Ari Castel! I was having some issues with one of my clients, and then I called Ari, and he solved them all. A really great experience overall! I totally love it! Absolutely fantastic!

Russ Ott ,

Web Developer

I am very happy and satisfied with their work. Thank you, Tanya.

Karina Pimenta ,


Great lawyers, they do a wonderful job.

Vanessa Nixon ,

Business Owner

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Castel & Hall, LLP is a client centric law office in Massachusetts, based in Woburn, Massachusetts; with an appointment ONLY outpost in Framingham, MA. Our team specializes in matters relating to Personal injury, Immigration, taxation, Property law, Family and Domestic related matters. At Castel & Hall, LLP. experience has taught us that no two clients or matters are the same and that notwithstanding similarities in any given situation, it is never a one – size – fits – all solution. We take each case and client as a one of kind, and craft unique and practical solutions to the issues pertaining the case or client, thus rising above our peers.

Castel & Hall, LLP 2022. All Rights Reserved. The content on this website, is ONLY provided for reference purposes, and does NOT establish a client lawyer relationship, per se. Caution and consultation with independent counsel is advised, or where one is required, you are welcome to request an appointment with a member of our team. All Rights Reserved.

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