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At Castel & Hall, LLP., we know how to develop and implement legal strategies that will benefit you and your family. Regardless of the task or subject matter, you can count on our experience – because the results of your case are our highest priority. Our extensive experience, knowledge of the law, and innovative problem-solving tactics have earned us consistently positive recognition throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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We take pride in our firm’s team of talented professionals, who have training and experience from around the globe. Drawn from a myriad of cultural backgrounds, our team is fluent in numerous languages and dialects, including, although not limited to, Haitian Creole, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swahili, Gujarati, and Luganda.uganda, to mention but a few. 

Our team of practitioners pool from a wide range of experience, drawn from around the globe, including licensures from India, Africa, Brazil, and the U.S. Castel and Hall, LLP continues to build on these capabilities by growing our family of talented minds. Should you be interested in joining a team of intricately deldicated professionals that love the lay but above all care for each other, you sure have found a home at Castel & Hall, LLP. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation!

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Marina Duarte


Tanya Hall, Esq.

Attorney - at - Law, Partner

Ari Castel, Esq.

Attorney - at - Law, Managing Partner

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working together to serve your needs

Thank you Ari Castel! I was having some issues with one of my clients, and then I called Ari, and he solved them all. A really great experience overall! I totally love it! Absolutely fantastic!

Russ Ott ,

Web Developer

I am very happy and satisfied with their work. Thank you, Tanya.

Karina Pimenta ,


Great lawyers, they do a wonderful job.

Vanessa Nixon ,

Business Owner

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