1A Divorce: You may obtain a Divorce Decree in 1 day in Probate & Family Court in Massachusetts. You must be there very early and ready to file a No Fault 1A divorce.

Did you know you could file a joint petition without the presence of your spouse?
If you or your spouse lives in the county where you lived together, you file for divorce at the Probate and Family Court in that county. Otherwise, you can file in the county where you or your spouse lives now. Find the Probate and Family Court for your county.
What we need is:

  1. Certified copy of your marriage certificate, which you got from the Registry of Vital Records or your city or town.
  2. Separation agreement. You should have already prepared this. It must be sign and notarized by both parties.
  3. Joint petition for divorce under section 1A (CJD-101A) signed by both parties and/or their attorneys.
  4. Joint affidavit of irretrievable breakdown signed by the parties.
  5. Record of Absolute Divorce (R-408) from the Registry of Vital Records.
  6. Both spouses must complete financial Statements, Filing fees or affidavit.

If the joint petitioner is absent or unable to attend court on that particular date; in addition to the above- listed documents you must file a motion to waive spouse appearance and affidavit to support the motion sign by the absent party.
If you are waiving the filing fees, each petitioner must file a separate affidavit.

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