Chapter 93A: Consumer Protection Law in the State of Massachusetts.

Bhabesh Bhabisnu

What is it?
Consumer protection is a practice in law that is used for safeguarding buyers of goods and services And protecting the public against unfair economic practices in the marketplace. Most of the consumer protection laws are made so that businesses and companies are incapable of committing fraud or certain specified unfair practices in order for themselves to gain lead over their competitors and also so that they or are incapable of misleading their consumers.

How is it done?
Consumer protection laws can be violated in a multitude of ways sometimes the business can charge a consumer higher rates than they had previously established, sometimes a refund policy is not clearly
stated, sometimes a business just fails to inform certain relevant information, sometimes warranty agreements are not met or sometimes it just could be a malicious intent with things such as bait and switch advertising where the seller discourages purchasing the previously advertised item and instead attempts to convince the buyer to purchase a different item for a higher price.

If there has been a violation of consumer protection law then the buyer can submit a detailed letter that outlines their complaint and the harm they had suffered for it. The buyer must outline how the actions against them might’ve been unfair or deceptive and state how the sellers actions has resulted in the loss of money or property.

Businesses suing other businesses over the violation of consumer protection laws
Businesses can sue other businesses over violations in consumer protection but certain things must be demonstrated. First is that they must actually be considered a business, the defendants actions could be
believed to be an unfair method of competition and is considered deceptive, the actions that took place occurred primarily within the jurisdiction that the case is taking place in and cost the plaintiff to lose
money or property.

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